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We Meet Weekly

We hold our meetings weekly on a Thursday morning at the Aaron Court Motor Inn starting at 6:45am and finished at 8:30am.

We Are Diverse

Our members cover a wide range of services. We are all Hamilton based businesses looking to help each other to grow and prosper.

Come Visit Us

We welcome visitors to visit our meets. The first visit is free to allow you to see how business networking at MoreBiz can help you grow.


Business Networking in Hamilton

What is Morebiz?

Based in Hamilton and consisting of locally-based business people, morebiz members come together to help each other to grow strong and exciting businesses by meeting in comradeship, educating each other about what we can offer their contacts and passing referrals for new business whenever we are able.

Word of Mouth and Business Networking often bring better quality business, but how do you develop a ‘Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy’, where do you start to build a trustworthy network?

“It is often said, that in business it is not What you know, but Who you know that helps you to succeed.”

– Unknown, but wise person
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