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Morebiz = Business Networking

Advantages of Membership

  • More exposure for your company

  • Expand your business network

  • Develop your confidence

  • Meet new suppliers

  • Gain new business

  • Increased business through referrals.

  • Participation in up to 50 networking meetings per year.

  • Regular Newsletters with educational material on networking and business.

Would you benefit from joining morebiz?

Like anything in life, success takes effort and dedication. morebiz is a mirror, you get out what you put in, and it is about giving before it is about receiving.

One of the principal benefits of membership is an increased network of contacts and potential access to their contacts. A simple way of looking at this is this; If there are 25 members in the group and each knows just ten people, the actual networking potential is 250! Success in Networking takes time. It is all about building relationships with your fellow members and developing a good understanding of their business.

Image by The Climate Reality Project

morebiz is an organisation made up of business owners and managers.

They come together each week to share ideas, contacts, and to pass on qualified referrals.

What is Networking?

Networking (often called Word of Mouth Marketing) is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways of growing your business. It is not what you know, but who knows, and refers you. Membership of a networking group like morebiz is very motivational for small business owners; they are fun and a great way to start the day with a group of like-minded people.

Within the Membership of morebiz, you will find skilled, qualified and experienced businesses that you can rely on to do a great job. If you are in business and wish to grow your business, then there is no more effective way, than to use the power of business networking.


One Member Per Category!

There is a lot of competition in the ‘real world’, at morebiz we allow only one member to represent an aspect of business and we avoid close overlaps. This means that by joining morebiz, you shut the door on your competition within the group allowing you to develop strong relationships with the group’s members.

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